How To: Make a decorative paper rose

Make a decorative paper rose

In this video we learn how to make a decorative paper rose. First, take a piece of paper and cut several heart shapes out of it, making them different sizes. Once these are cut out, curl the edge over with a toothpick, pencil, or by hand. Set these aside, then use a grab a green sheet of paper. Roll the edge of the paper up and then cut the rest of the paper from it. Create a leaf in this and then tape it all around. Now, twist this tightly and place the curled ends of the heart shapes away from the stem on the top of it. Add these on top of each other until you finish with a rose shape and you are finished! This will give you a beautiful rose all throughout the year. You can do this with a bunch of different colors to create a paper rose bouquet as well, have fun!

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