How To: Make a cool paper fortune teller

Make a cool paper fortune teller

Gamer Dude 5000 Arts and Crafts Demonstrator offers a short tutorial with a single sheet of 8 1/2" X 11" paper and pair of scissors. First you fold the corner of your paper out till the top half of your paper and the side of your paper is flush. You cut off excess paper with a pair of scissors. When you open the paper back up, you will have a square sheet of paper that you can fold. You fold all the corners of your square in to the center. Then you flip it over to the back and repeat. Once done, flip over again, fold the sheet of paper in half and put your fingers up under the slots to operate. When your paper fortune teller is broken in, you can then label on side with colors or numbers that can be picked by your audience and the other side with possible fortunes.

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