How To: Make claws from folded paper with origami

Make claws from folded paper with origami

This video describes the steps on how to make Origami claws. These paper claws are very sturdy and don't break easily.

Take a regular 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of blank printer or copy paper and fold in half. Next you fold the folded side flap in at a diagonal. Pull the corner over to make a crease.

Next is a tricky part. Take the smaller diagonal and fold it over, making a smaller square, with a V shape. Now you have a triangular shape.

Take the side that has the least sheets of paper exposed, the folded end. Fold from that end over 3 times. Taping is optional but helpful.

Tuck in the small flap, push down on flat surface firmly. You will then have a hole to put your finger in, and you have a paper claw!

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