How To: Make Chinese paper lanterns with origami

Make Chinese paper lanterns with origami

This video illustrate how to make Chinese paper lanterns with origami. here are the following steps.Step 1: Take a string for holding the lanterns.Step 2: Now take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally so that two diagonal intersecting crease are formed.Step 3: Now hold the crease together and push it upwards to form a triangle.Step 4: Now fold the triangle into two equal triangles, do the same with the other side also.Step 5: Now fold one triangle and crease it to the center, repeat with other three triangle.Step 6: Take tape and stick the center with it, now cut the free paper with it carefully.step 7: Now blow up the lantern and with the help of the tape stick the lantern to the string.that's it

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