How To: Make an array of paper roses

Make an array of paper roses

In this tutorial, we learn how to make an array of paper roses. Use any colors of paper you want with this to add a special touch to them! Now, you will take the pattern or color of your choice and fold it up into a square. after this, fold it into a triangle and then cut the edges of this off. After this, cut the bottom off and open it up, it should be a flower shape with a hole in the center. After this, repeat with several other papers and then cut the flowers up into halves. From here, you will curl and color the edges of the petals. Then, add glue to one side and attach to the other side so it stands up. Next, curl the edges of the petals by running them with a toothpick. To finish, stick each of the flower shapes inside of each other, enjoy!

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