How To: Make an 8 sided ninja star out of paper

Make an 8 sided ninja star out of paper

To make an 8 sided ninja star first you need to take a sheet of the paper you are using and fold this in half, the short way. Unfold this so you have a crease. Now, fold the corners into the center crease. Do this to the top corners. Now, flip this over and fold over the bottom of the paper to the back and crease this. Now, you will want to tear this bottom half creased part off. Fold this into a square and fold the square into halves on both sides and tear this off to create smaller squares. Repeat this so you have 8 small squares. Now, take the small squares and fold them into a triangle twice. Now, unfold this and fold two opposing corners of the square into the center. Grab the tip, fold it and push it in the middle. Now, take one and slip this into the open slits of another one of your folded pieces. If there are extra corners, fold them in. Continue to connect all of the folded papers in this way. Now, at the end, be careful, open the star up and slip the end into the beginning and close it on the side! Be careful not to mess up the star at this point. Now, start pushing the papers to the center where the points are and you have an 8 sided ninja star!

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