How To: Make an 8 point origami star

Make an 8 point origami star

Origami is a creatively fun and entertaining artform that can relieve stress and help you with your hand eye coordination. This video will demonstrate how to create an 8 Point Origami star.

You will need:
- Large sheet of scrapbooking paper

1. Fold paper 3 times in half, make sure its even.
2. Cut the three sides with folded edges off. You do not need to cut the side without any folds.
3. Fold each square of paper in half, the long way.
4. On each of the 8 pieces of paper fold each corner towards the center.
5. Fold two adjacent corners once more at a 30 degree angle meeting in the center.
6. Adhere your parts together into a star shape.
7. You have a star! :)

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