How To: Make a 3D origami swan from 484 paper triangles

Make a 3D origami swan from 484 paper triangles

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a 3D origami swan from 484 paper triangles. For this you will have to cut up 16 sheets of paper in to small rectangles. One rectangle is 1/32 of an A4 sheet. Take a small rectangle, fold it in half lengthwise and again fold it the other way. Open up the last fold and fold the closed edges from the center down the centerline. Flip it over and fold in the lower corners of the extended pieces. Then fold the extended piece over the top triangle. Now fold the triangle down the center and you have your first triangle. Go ahead and make 483 more triangles. To connect the pieces, put one leg of a triangle in to the pocket of another triangle. Now put one leg of another triangle in to the second pocket of the first triangle. You continue this way and you will have to connect up 60 triangles to form the circular base needed for the first and second levels. You will then have to watch the video for further steps as it will get confusing without the demonstration.

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how did u cut the paper?? and hwo did u do it so perfectly

That is awesome, I am replicating this, but I am using one piece of whole A4 paper per triangle!

Very cool! My 13-year-old daughter has 3D Origami swans on her etsy shop if anyone wants to visit, She makes them as well as chickens and penguins herself. Check out the shop at Thanks.

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