How To: Make 3D Origami Bat

Make 3D Origami Bat

Here are instructions to make origami bat.

You will need 383 black, 47 brown, 3 white and 2 red triangles. In the video below you'll see a map.

The easiest part is making a body and a head, but the wings might take some of your nerves. So, I suggest to beginners to have some patience. You'll have more problems if triangles won't have same size. The wings are the most sensitive parts - if not handled with care, it might fall apart. You can make larger wings if you like - just add some more rows of triangles. The triangle that is connecting together wings with a body should hold larger wings as well.

In the video on the map you will see some triangles with a short line. Some are in brown color as the bottom line and ears and black as a head - those triangles are just turned around. In video are shown at 0:29 (head) and at 0:37 (bottom). Those that are assembled in ears that are in alternating sequence are to make ears higher.

Nose of the bat is made of 4 triangles. 1 black triangle that is connecting head and "the nose" and 3 triangles for it's 2 teeth on mouth. You'll need to cut a bit one black and one white triangle. Guide to make a nose is between 0:21 and 0:28.

This bat seems to be a bit "sad", so you can have some creativity to make their eyes "happy".

Tutorial on how to make triangles is here.

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