How To: Make an 18-unit curler kusudama with origami

Make an 18-unit curler kusudama with origami

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make an 18-unit curler kusudama with origami. Kusudama is a Japanese paper ball that is made out of a large number of smaller shapes glued together. This video will show you how to do this without the need to sew or glue to join the pieces. Take a small piece of square paper and fold it diagonally across both diagonals. Then fold it in half from both sides. Now fold in from the center as shown in the video. Then curl up all the four corners to make one unit of Kusudama. Make similar pieces out of different colored papers. To join them, just open up one curl of one unit and slide in one curl of another unit and curl both together. Keep joining them one by one and you have your beautiful Kusudama. Watch the video to get a clear picture.

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