How To: Fold a Winged Origami Heart

Fold a Winged Origami Heart

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time for some heart-origami! In the video below, see how to fold a winged origami heart.

General Information

  • Demonstrator: Me (Tavin)
  • Level: Low/intermediate
  • Recommended material: 10cm (4in) Kami with red front and white back (printed paper will also do)
  • Designer: Francis Ow

Mr. Ow is the specialist when it comes to heart origami, so if you like these kinds of folds, you should visit his website. There are some free diagrams you can get, or you can pick up one of his books on the topic.

Finally, I'd like to thank Mr. Ow for giving me the permission to show you this.

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