How To: Fold a prize-winning origami SST paper airplane

Fold a prize-winning origami SST paper airplane

To make this origami SST paper airplane, begin with a square. The origami SST (supersonic transport) was designed by Dr. James Sakota. The plane was first featured in the 1960's book The Great International Paper Airplane Book, a documentation of the Scientific American first International Paper Airplane Competition. It won first place for origami/nonprofessional. This plane flies excellently in a fast, long distance glide! Learn how to make the origami SST paper airplane by watching this instructional video.

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Great howto and great plane!!!

I think that it would've been great if you had included an actual demonstration of the plane in flight, and perhaps added some more curious/exciting facts or trivia about the design and its potential; but nevertheless, you did a nice job folding it so quickly!

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