How To: Fold a paper pajarita (origami bird) from Heavy Rain

Fold a paper pajarita (origami bird) from Heavy Rain

Have you played Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3? It's an interactive drama with a film noir touch, where the four protagonists are on the hunt for a serial killer. And this serial killers name? The Origami Killer.

No, he doesn't kill origami, he kills young boys, and leaves an origami animals behind as his calling card. Creepy, huh?

Well, in the main poster for the game, along with the game's cover, depicts an origami pajarito amidst a rainstorm. That pajarito is a bird… a small bird. Actually, in Spanish, "pajarita" means not only origami bird, but also origami in general.

This video will show you the steps to fold your own origami pajarita, or origami small bird, just like the one in Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer for PS3. Tavin shows you the whole process. This is great if you're just starting out folding paper as art.

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