How To: Fold an paper origami soaring dragon

Fold an paper origami soaring dragon

How to Fold an paper origami soaring dragon

Majkee shows us step by step how to fold an origami paper dragon. You will need to take a square piece of paper and fold it so that it is shaped like a triangle. Open it back up and fold the piece of paper in half (like a hot dog bun). Open the paper and refold it so that is shaped like a diamond cup. Fold up one corner of the diamond and on the opposite side, fold up the other corner, creating a diamond shape within your diamond. Additional folds from each corner will leave you with a narrow diamond shape with sides that you will fold into again to create a second diamond (similar to the first time you did this). This is the start of the dragon's body. Additional folds will create a head and then eventually wings.

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