How To: Fold paper to make an origami ninja star

Fold paper to make an origami ninja star

This video demonstrates how to create an origami ninja star. Prepare a square shaped piece of paper. Lay it down on a table or on a flat surface. Fold the paper right across the middle in a vertical orientation. Fold it once more in the same manner as the first fold, now creating a more slender vertically standing rectangle. Fold the upper portion of the origami diagonally forming a small triangle on top of the rectangle. Do the same on the bottom portion of the origami. Fold the upper portion diagonally to create a large triangle sitting on top of the rectangle. Do the same with the bottom portion but make sure it is oriented the opposite way with the upper portion.Get another sheet of paper and do the same steps with the first sheet of paper, except that the folds must be oriented the opposite way the first one had. Once done, lay the first origami horizontally on the vertically-positioned second origami. Fold the sharp edges to create a four-pointed star. Insert the loose edges on the pockets and once they're all secure, you can begin playing with your newly created origami ninja star.

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