How To: Fold an origami shuriken (ninja star)

Fold an origami shuriken (ninja star)

A full guide to making the perfect ninja star. I've seen loads of videos of how to make Ninja Stars, and I don't have a clue what they mean. So I decided to make this how to video on paper ninja stars (aka shurikens) and it's easier to understand and follow, especially for young children. Pause the video at any time, if you think the timing is too fast, Enjoy! ;)

Step 1:
Start with some square paper.

Step 2:
Cut the paper in half, making each side equal. To make it easier, fold it in half.

Step 3:
You will have two rectangles as shown.

Step 4:
Fold both of them horizontally.

Step 5:
Now, fold it again, but vertically.

Step 6:
Now, unfold it, vertically (previous instruction). These dotted lines show your crease.

Step 7:
Now fold the rectangles to the sides. Watch carefully! Fold the ends of the shapes with a triangle.

Step 8:
See diagram.

Step 9:
Now for the tricky part.. fold and tuck! Place the folded models as shown. This is how they should be placed on both sides. Now, look how you fold and tuck them for this first side.

Step 10:
Watch carefully how it is done on the other side.

Step 11:
And voila! You've made a Ninja Star.

You aren't going to find more clear directions than this on how to fold a ninja star or paper shuriken! Very well done tutorial.

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