How To: Fold an origami praying mantis

Fold an origami praying mantis

Fold an origami praying mantis! You need two sheets of paper to join to first sheet on square base. Start folding after making rectangle, after folding the rectangle again from the other direction grebe than on fold. Make a triangle than fold on other direction to make a triangle. Neat into square shape take a bottom edge folds to increase both the same on the other side. Now take this top corner folded on guide line backup. To push the paper up folded down to same on the other side. Bottom edge here toward the middle to the same fold to the other side increase that draw back down process on other side upper flaps folded down. Bottom side folded up increase the pinching down. Folded the back down finished that mantis like. Now Second Square make a triangle folded make the triangle from the other direction. Folded to make a rectangle pop-up to make a triangle folded into the top edge increase folded in half now a making on the other side flip it over. folded up slide angle. To join make two parts attaching the two pieces.

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