How To: Fold an origami paper rose

Fold an origami paper rose

Fold paper in 1/2. Fold in half again into a square. Fold in half again, & again into a square about 1/16 of original size. Unfold paper. Fold marks divide paper into 16 small squares. Make 2 diagonal folds in each direction to form a big X in paper. Position paper with inside of folds facing you; fold paper in 1/2 again to form a rectangle. Using previous fold lines, fold lower 1/2 of paper in 1/2. This fold covers 1/3 of remaining visible paper. Grasp center where folds meet. Create 4 ridges coming out from center using smallest fold. 4 corners in between ridges become peaks of their own, making fold between corner & the 1/3 the lowest part. Lay paper flat; push center up by rotating corners, folding ridge portion counterclockwise. Pull created point in center in 2 directions; flatten; this creates a tiny square in center, on top of folded ridges. Turn paper over; fold 1 corner with corner counterclockwise to it. After 1st corner, repeat with other corners; this results in an almost spiral pattern when viewed from other side. Make spiral pattern tight by grasping; it is almost circular in hand. Enforce side folds so it forms almost a cube in hand. Push in bottom of cup side slightly to reinforce; place on tabletop, with cup bottom on table. Taking side of cup, fold inner flap in towards center. This creates a triangle shape over former mouth of cup. Repeat with 3 other flaps making 3 more triangles. At the last flap, tuck it under 1st flap. Flip over bud. Using a pencil, gently push in center of flower; smooth it out. Petals can be done by curling loose corners away from center of bud.

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