How To: Fold an origami paper cube

Fold an origami paper cube

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make paper cube. Begin by folding the paper diagonally in half and cut the bottom bottom edge off to make a squared paper. Open the paper up and fold diagonally on the other side. Open it up and pinch in the two upper corners. Align the two corners together and fold the inside to flatten it out. Do the same on the other side. Grab a corner and fold it up to the center. Do the same for the rest of the corners. Grab a flap and fold it to the center and do the same for the other flaps. Grab the top flap and insert it into the small pocket. Do the same for the other sides. Now blow into the top of the paper to inflate it into a cube. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy making origami and would like to learn how to make a paper cube.

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