How To: Fold origami mushrooms

Fold origami mushrooms

Vincent Floderer creates the most amazing origami mushrooms and here he shows us how.

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this is the best ever. I need to make a movie where one of my actors finds 1000s of these just growing in a field and eats them. I can have art department work for days to make them. Bwahahaha!

WOW thats something i thnk i might even be able to do.... ill still probobly need to practise. thats cool though

Very impressive! Thank You for sharing!

First I liked this French man speaking in English. Living in France for 10 years I know it's very difficult for many to do. I was never able to perfect the French language. I loved that he showed a simple project for the video. Much of the time I stop videos because they have chosen something that is not for beginners. I am so pleased as I watched to realize that hey..I can do this. I'm going to get some paper now and watch the video and make my first mushroom just for fun.


what kind of paper do u use?

Oh wow, I can do better no offence. (;

See what i can do! Just kidding, i didn't do that.

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