How To: Fold an origami mandala heart

Fold an origami mandala heart

To fold an origami mandala heart you need to follow the steps below. First cut 2 triangles out of the paper you have, fold one of the triangles in half. Then, unfold the folded in half triangle and fold the top of the triangle down about two thirds of the paper. In this stage you will be making folds 3 and 4. Next, fold both of the side corners of the paper up to the top, creating the picture below. Now you will make folds 5 and 6. Then, turn the paper around. Now just fold the top flaps into smaller triangles. You have now formed your basic heart shape. Finally you will make the last folds and on the same side that you were on for step 5, fold the pointy corners in. If you follow the steps in this video, you can make a beautiful and attractive origami heart!

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