How To: Fold an origami "Jump" model by Hans-Werner Guth

Fold an origami "Jump" model by Hans-Werner Guth

The core principle of origami is folding something from a single sheet of paper. The idea is to challenge your mind to create something fabulous out of very limited material. And while this is quite the poetic journey, as you'll see with modular origami and this origami tutorial, sometimes more than one sheet is necessary to get the job done.

Okay, yes, it may be breaking the sacred origami cardinal rule, but the results are truly awe inspiring. Simply watch this tutorial to learn how to fold an origami "Jump" model by origami master Hans-Werner Guth.

Paper used in this video: 12 sheets of 8.2cm squares, card stock (300gsm)
Finished model: diameter of approx. 9cm

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