How To: Fold Origami Christmas Decorations - Ornate Winter Snowflakes

Fold Origami Christmas Decorations - Ornate Winter Snowflakes

Christmas decorations aren't cheap.  From outdoor lighting to fir trees, decorating for the holidays can break the bank.  That's where ingenuity comes into play, like hacking battery-operated Christmas lights, modifying lighting patterns and building Christmas tree ornaments from LEGOs.  But there's even a simpler solution to cheaper Christmas decorations— origami.

It takes a certain person to do some origami; one with patience, with pHow to Fold Origami Christmas Decorations - Ornate Winter Snowflakesrecision... one with delicate, steady hands.  It may just be paper folding to some, but to others it's an art form.  And this origami snowflake is a miniature chef-d'œuvre, one masquerading as just a paper Christmas ornament.

If you think you have what it takes, by all means, try this origami winter snowflake out.  Just make sure you have the will, the time, the right-sized origami paper and of course— the directions...

This isn't just cutting a snowflake design in a piece of paper, these instructions will show you how to fold a 3D snowflake— using only one sheet of origami paper.

Origami Snowflake Video Instructions

Designed by Jared Needle
Demonstrated by Sara Adams
Paper used: 24cm square of kami (9.5in)
Finished model: height of 2cm (0.75in), diameter of 7.5cm (3in)

To see the instructions for cutting the hexagon, scroll down for the video.

Origami Snowflake Diagrams

(1) Page 1, (2) Page 2, (3) Page 3, (4) Page 4

Download the PDF instructions for the origami winter snowflake.

Cutting a Hexagon Video Instructions

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Image credit: Origami Weekly

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Superb origami !!
I am also freak to design of snowflake, i have made various snowflake.
Please see on youtube -

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