How To: Fold an origami box and lid by Dave Brill

Fold an origami box and lid by Dave Brill

The origami version of a box and lid may seem like one of the simplest origami projects out there, but you should consider this origami box and lid the hard mode version of an otherwise beginner origami craft. Rather than use two sheets of paper total - one for the box and the other for the lid - this origami project only involves one piece of origami tissue paper.

You'll learn how to take that single piece of paper and fold it into a box and lid that's connected at one corner so you could snap it open and closed. Check out the video for the details.

Paper used in this video: 25cm square of kami (10in)
Finished model: 5cm by 5cm by 5cm (2in by 2in by 2in)
Paper recommendations: almost any paper will work. Office paper works fine

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