How To: Fold Origami Bat-Winged Hearts for Valentine's Day

Fold Origami Bat-Winged Hearts for Valentine's Day

Hearts are fairly easy to cut out of paper, but origami hearts take a little more work, and that means more appreciation from their recipient. Even better, flying origami hearts. What better way to tell your loved one you care on Valentine's Day than with some bat-winged hearts? It'll send them into cardiac arrest just knowing how much effort you put into making your love known.

Just follow the folding instructions from master origamist Jo Nakashima below for bat-winged hearts of the same color, and if you want to make it a little more noticeable, bat-winged hearts with different colors for the body and wings.

Folding Bat-Winged Hearts (Same Color)

Folding Bat--Winged Hearts (Different Colors)

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