How To: Fold an origami 3-D box

Fold an origami 3-D box

This origami video tutorial shows you how to fold an origami 3D box. 1. Prepare a square paper.
2. Fold from 1 corner to opposite corner. Make a "x" on the folded line of the paper.
3. Fold from rectangle. Make a "-" folded line.
4. Open up and you can an "x" and "-" folded line.
5. Make a triangle by pushing the edge of the"-" folded line downward.
6. From triangle base corner, fold the 2 base edges upward.
7. You will get a small folded rectangle.
8. In the rectangle, fold the corner to center of small rectangle.
9. Do this for both sides.
10.Stick in the small leg of triangular.
11.Do it for both side.
12.You will get a shape like rectangular attached with small triangular.
13.Now, blow the air into a little hole and make it expand to cubed shape.
14.Well, completed 3D box.

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