How To: Fold a jumping jack origami paper toy

Fold a jumping jack origami paper toy

Paper. It's usually just for writing, but for origamists, there's no lead or ink involved. It's all about the precision of the hand, the delicate touch. It's origami, not hunting with buckshot.

If you're a beginner origami maker, then plain old folding instructions aren't going to do it for you, you need visuals. Not photos, but a video of the actions being performed right in front of you. Pictures are good, but only after you have a better understanding of the folding maneuvers.

This video is perfect for all you just starting out and teaches you how to fold something fun… a jumping jack. What is a jumping jack? Well, it's a piece of paper that jumps! Tavin shows you how to fold the jumping jack with just one sheet of origami square-shaped paper.

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