How To: Fold the iconic origami crane

Fold the iconic origami crane

Simple and easy way to fold an origami crane from paper! Use a flat sheet of paper. Fold into a triangle then into another triangle then open it up. push up on the one side so it turns into a square. Push up on the one side. Fold it in the opposite direction. Push it over. you have a square base. Take one of the flaps. Fold it over then unfold the crease. Open it up then with the crease fold it in, push it in. Lay it flat then crease. Open it up then crease it in the center. Fold it over. Then fold over the other side. you will have a diamond shape. Fold one flap up to center. You will then have an oblong shape. Flip it over then fold it. Angle it and crush the side. Ease the sides out to look like wings and you're done! By following this video you can make an origami crane very easily.

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