How To: Fold a frog using origami

Fold a frog using origami

Kevin demonstrates how to make a paper frog. Take a regular sheet of construction paper. Fold the outer ends towards the center forming a triangle. Fold a crease at the base of the triangle and cut it out. Open the folds and you can observe two creases. Create two X-shaped creases by bending the opposite corners. Hold the triangles on the side of the X and squash it down such that the other two triangles meet. Repeat the process on the other side. This forms a square with a diagonal cut containing four flaps. Fold each flap towards the center forming two smaller squares with cuts, meeting at the corner on a square base. Fold all the small triangles, from the center outwards meeting the outer edge. These form the legs of the frog. Flip over and fold the two outer corners towards the center. This pointed end forms the head of the frog. Bend the back end as forward as possible and form a triangle. This fold contains a pocket on either sides. Insert the two folds forming the head into the pockets and press down. Bend the whole frog in half such that the legs touch each other. Bend the back half of the frog in half again outwards. Your frog is now ready. Gently press the rear end and the frog will leap forwards.

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