How To: Fold a box from a square sheet of paper with origami

Fold a box from a square sheet of paper with origami

Watch a person fold an origami box. This is an open box, like a drawer, but not like a cube. First step is typical, just make creases between the opposite corners. next step is to fold all four corners to the center point where the first two creases cross. next two opposite flat sides are folded over to the center so the fold is parallel to the sides. then unfold these last two folds, and redo it with the other two perpendicular sides. then unfold everything but two of the corner-to-center folds. then refold two opposite parallel side folds. There will be a right triangle at each end, fold it under, and then make two diagonal creases on each side. now unfold most of it and make a long tray, tuck the long ends into the tray to make an open box.

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