How To: Fold an abstract, flexible origami shape

Fold an abstract, flexible origami shape

This video is about folding an abstract, flexible origami shape Take a piece of paper. Fold it into eight equal parts. Fold in half. Open. Fold side to center and do the same on the other side. (Fold to the middle.) Fold one edge to the middle. Let the underneath layer flip to the top. Fold to center line. Turn paper over. Mountains are folded as valleys and valleys are folded as mountains. At the end of the strip, fold a 45 degree triangle. Fold the strip down so the two folds are parallel. Continue the 45 degree triangle right along the strip. Fold all valleys as mountains and mountains as valleys. Open paper out. We have lots of zig zags across the paper. Choose a zig zag in the middle. Make one fold a mountain and one a valley across the paper. Crush the paper between your fingers to make one mountain zig zag and one valley zig zag. Continue across the paper. Squash everything flat.

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