How To: Fold a 3D origami blutenball kusudama

Fold a 3D origami blutenball kusudama

This video tutorial demonstrates how to fold a Bluten Kusudama. For this we have start with an eight by eight cm piece of paper. Fold it into half. Fold the half into another half so as to make the paper into four equal parts. Now fold this into half creating a cube. Now open the paper we can see that there are eight equal parts. Again fold the paper from one corner to the first vertical fold. The first vertical fold will meet the center fold, creating an oblique. Now fold in the same way in the opposite direction. By turning the first flip inwards and turning the paper horizontal and turn the flips outwards. Tuck in the extra outer flips inwards. Do the same for the other part. Now unfold the little flaps. Turn around an turn the frisk part inwards and then the outer flip outwards. Grab all of the little flips on the center and push the corners outwards. It can be made into a small boat like shape. Sharpen the creases and make sure all is perfect. Make 30 such pieces. Pack all these pieces together. Actually there is no need of glue but it will give a perfect look if we use the glue. Work clockwise and glue in all the 30 pieces. This will make a very beautiful Bluten Kusudama.

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