How To: Easily make a paper gift box

Easily make a paper gift box

STORM THE CASTLE Webmaster and Writer Will Kalif offers a short tutorial on how to make a origami gift box for beginners. All you need is eight square pieces of paper all exactly the same size. You can pick between four inch, five inch or six inch size paper depending on what size gift box you want to make. Your sheets of paper can be all the same pattern, of varying patterns, patterned on one side or patterned on both sides; however, please note that four of your sheets will be used for the top of the box and the other four will be used for the bottom of your box, when choosing paper. First you will fold each sheet of paper into an origami part that will be used to make your gift box. Then after you have made all the necessary parts, you will assemble four pieces together to make the top and four pieces together to make the bottom. After you have completed the top and bottom, simply join to make an your origami gift box.

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