How To: Create a paper airplane using scissors

Create a paper airplane using scissors

In order to make a paper airplane, you will need the following: 8 x 11 sheet of paper and a scissors. Lay the paper out on a flat surface. Pick up the right side bottom corner. Bring it over to meet the left edge of the paper, at the point at which the left hand corner is perfectly bisected. Crease it. Open it. Repeat the fold on the other side. Open it. Now, make an accordion fold. Fold the 2 small corners down. Then fold the 2 diamond shapes upward. Next, fold both sides in. Tuck the points in. Flip it over. Fold it back. Next, turn it over on its side and fold it. Next, cut off the unused portion. Fold the strip in half widthwise. Fold 1 side in one inch. Cut the tip. Insert the tail into your plane. Then, fold the wings.

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Very cool i,m 41 my grandpa used to show me how to make a plane alot like this but could not remember how to make it.This reminded me it really is the best thanks.

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