How To: Craft a super simple origami Valentine's Day heart pin

Craft a super simple origami Valentine's Day heart pin

Wear your heart on your sleeve - literally - by crafting this origami heart pin. Show some love for Cupid's holiday by creasing and folding your way to origami perfection.

This heart pin can be used as a bookmark, and as a present it can be tucked into a book of romantic poetry.

This one is like a pin and can be placed in floral arrangements or even used as a bookmark.
In Japan, Valentine's Day is usually a holiday when girls give boys chocolate. Women often give chocolate to the person they love, but also the men in their family and the men they work with (especially those in a higher position then themselves). This means giving lots of chocolate. Small gift boxes for all budgets are available at stores with lots of male related themes (sports, beer, whiskey). Next month, on March 14th, we celebrate White Day and that is when all the men who got chocolate give back to the women by giving cookies. Lately, these traditions have lessened and more people try to copy the Western ways for celebrating Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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