How To: Craft an origami ring out of a one dollar bill

Craft an origami ring out of a one dollar bill

Moneygami is exactly what you think it is - a hybrid of money and origami. Rather than folding origami with your typical origami tissue papers, you can craft yourself something truly special by using money instead.

This particular moneygami tutorial explains how to fold a ring from a dollar bill, highlighting the "1 dollar" sign as the "diamond" part. However, any other American bills will work, yet larger bill numbers for $10, $20, $50, or $100 usually get cut off from the top portion of the ring.

Viewers from other countries who may not have American bills handy, so you'll also learn a way you can make this using regular printer paper.

Length: 15.5 cm
Width: 6 cm

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I used a 100$ bill and the 100 lined up perfectly on the front. Thanks for the tutorial

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