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How to Make an Origami Swan - Expert Origami | Papercrafter


  1. Any square size paper


Hey Guys,

Welcome to papercrafter My name is Alex and today I am going to make an origami swan.

In this tutorial I will use a white square origami paper,

if you don't have a square paper you can make it from A4 size paper.

If you need a help to make a square paper just click the link on screen or check the description of the video.

Let's start making our origami swan.

This is our origami swan, you can use different colours and patterns to make different swan.

Using black origami paper can be a good idea for black swan.
Just follow the steps and create which colour swan you want

If steps are fast for you just pause the video or go back to previous steps by clicking on top left corner.

Post the origami swans you made on comments below.

Next week we are going to make an origami crane.

For the week after next video suggestions please write on the comment section.

Have fun and don't forget to subscribe our youtube channel.

Thanks for watching, see you on next video.

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