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Forum Thread: How to Origami Pyramid Gift Boxes

It's hard to believe it, but the holiday season is upon us! This year, why not get an early start on gift wrapping and do something extra special for your friends and family? Part of the fun of the holidays is getting gifts which are wonderfully packaged. Make your Origami Pyramid Gift Boxes.

Forum Thread: One Large Serving of Origami

I enjoy the oriental art of folding paper into other dimensions of creation. Most of these were created using origami paper, but a few of them were made using construction paper. At the time I was finding origami to be something to wrap my mind around and to make me relaxed.

Forum Thread: Origami Picture Frame (Advanced)

Imagine a 13 x 19 piece of paper with a nice photo or piece of artwork printed in the center. I want to use some sort of tessellation origami or something you all suggest to then fold the frame. The whole piece can then be hung as a painting/piece of art. Heck the art in the center could also be a tessellated piece but thats another issue. Any components anyone can suggest (with a link) taht could be done at each corner perhaps that would then allow the edges to fold into the sides of the fra...

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